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Dr. Barbara Chavez Ramirez

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Ingrid and Wolfgang Kluth

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About the Association

Our Bremen based charitable organization “Human and Environment e.V.” (H&E) was established in April 2002. On many occasions the Nigerian engineer James Olusanmi had reported about the difficult living conditions the people in his home country are facing. His friends  decided to support him in improving the living conditions of the low-income rural population in South-Western Nigeria. Thus a trustful relationship to the Nigerian partner organization “Human Relation & Environmental Protection Foundation” (HR & EPF) was formed. This non-governmental organization was registered in 2005 in Nigeria, founded and led by James Olusanmi himself.

H&E began to raise awareness for our vision in and around Bremen. With the help of many donors and the assistance of artists we organized charity events, bazaars and auctions in support of our project.

In recent years, we shipped three containers with donated items (sewing machines, wheelchairs, medical equipment, school items, etc.) to our project partners. The donations were intended for a school and a hospital in Ibadan as well as for many people in need of the micro-credit program. With the sewing machines our partners set up a small sewing workshop in Oshogbo. Later we were also able to pass two minibuses and a van to HR & EPF.

Additionally, we are committed to a respectful and equal dialogue between people of African descent and the population of Bremen through intercultural educational opportunities for better mutual understanding, including orientation and integration courses for African women.

Together with other organizations we are engaged in education in development policies. To this end, H&E is member of the „Bremer Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk“ (BeN).

In summer 2003 we organized an international exchange with three specialists in youth welfare from Nigeria.

Furthermore, we invited three professionals from Nigeria in 2012, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of H&E. They had returned to their home country decades ago after their studies and years of professional experience in Europe. There they continued to apply their knowledge, experience and passions in the progress of their country. An important theme of this south-north dialogue was to show the opportunities and limitations of re-migration.


Please note that there is no relationship between „Human Environment Life Protection HELP e.V. " and our organisation "Human & Environment e.V."